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Project Bloom

Bloom for Growth is a charitable non-profit organization devoted to making the world a better place through various initiatives designed to help those in need. Together, we can make a difference in the world for generations to come.


About Our Project

Our mission is to provide clothes, food, toys and happiness for this upcoming Eid (a Muslim Holiday). This project is dedicated to helping families in Kirkuk, Iraq to have a happy and blessed Eid . Let us not forget our mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters and help them find the happiness we experience every Eid. Click on the about us link to learn more about Bloom for Growth  and the Muslim Holiday called Eid.



The individuals pictured are from  aforementioned  website and the people who will be helping are similar to the ones we see.

Contact Us

Get in touch with Project Spî to discover more about our work and how to donate. We thank you for your support.



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